Pest control companies yay or nay?

Its a popular saying in this culture to leave the tough work for the professionals. This extends to the presence of unnecessary guests at your house as well yes, were talking about rodents. A different variety of species of rats and mice, all of different sizes and behaviour might be living in your house. The squeaks at night, cushions and furniture chewed on, and the impending dread of never being able to leave food on the counter might finally convince you to call the local pest control service to take control of the problem but is it the best thing to do?

How do pest control companies work?

You see a pest in your house and call the authorities. What follows is a long sequence of events which then lead to either no more intruders in your home or an empty wallet with rodents still lurking around. After youve set an appointment with the local service, they will come around at the given time and first inspect the house. Theyll check things like the moisture level, the backyard, the size of the area they have to examine and so on and forth. After an initial examination, theyll draw up a plan and then get to work of ridding your house of pests.

The pros of pest control.

Pests that live in the attic or the garage are more than likely to carry disease. For example, rats carry diseases that can be fatal to humans. Furthermore, other pests such as cockroaches are generally unpleasant to have around in your house. They also carry allergens and are one of the top causes of asthma in younger children. Companies that deals in such matter have access to expensive and effective equipment that get the job done and are backed with experience, which is why people often turn to them.

The cons of pest control

Some people feel that such companies charge excessively and are too expensive compared to the DIY aerosol repellant you can get from a local supermarket. Some people also feel that companies often intrude too much to their daily routines and find the whole procedure hectic and energy consuming, given that if you work 9-5, coming back home to men in hazard suits is the last thing you would want to see. Mishandling of pesticide is also a major concern, which ends up harming pest and human alike.


The chances are that if you hire a company, theyll most probably get rid of the rodent that lives in the walls. However, the downside is that in several cases the misuse of poison can affect humans as well, given if theres a toddler in the house.  Hence, best to be wary and careful before you dial them in!

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